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07-15-2014, 09:41 PM

I'm inquiring about how others have dealt with cupcake orders of 12 or 6 cupcakes? I have my own recipes for 24 or more and have used box mixes which have also yielded 24. When breaking them down by percentage, some of the ingredients become trace amounts and I worry that they won't turn out as intended. (i.e. baking soda/powder, salt, extracts)

I don't have a storefront to sell excess yet. Do I just tell my customers that cupcakes a limited to a minimum order of 24? They don't seem to like that.

I have seen people post saying that they give a discount if they order 12 or more so it makes me wonder how they are making 12 or less without having to eat excess cake/ingredient costs/labor?

Thank you.

Princess Cupcake
07-15-2014, 10:06 PM
Hi Edibaubles, welcome! One thing you might want to do when scaling recipes is to measure by weight, so you get a more exact amount. I know I'd struggle with just how much a quarter of a teaspoon is. And there are even cookbooks geared towards single serving recipes, though I don't know of any specifically for small batches of cupcakes. (Maybe that's a niche that should be filled.) But perhaps more importantly, you should figure out which is costing you more; the extra ingredients to make a larger amount, or your time. It may very well be you're getting more orders for smaller batches, but you're essentially expending almost the same amount of time to bake them for less money. (Although decorating goes faster.)