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07-16-2011, 08:49 PM
Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help!

Ive just bought a giant cupcake silicone mould and used it for the first time today!

i followed the pre use instructions washing drying etc etc and then followed the instructions to the letter re a light coating of oil before adding the batter!

Put it in the oven bla bla and when I came to turn them out they stuck....like a stamp to a letter!


Any advice or anyone else had this problem with the silicone moulds?

Ive got a giant cupcake request for a birthday next month and thought Id have a trial run today but it was a massive disaster! :-(

Thanks in advance! xxx

07-17-2011, 03:55 PM
There's a whole thread of people here who have experienced similar problems with baked goods in silicone molds!

07-28-2011, 05:01 AM
What Laura said! I am a big fan of silicon molds for gumpaste or detailed fondant work, but for baking, I stick to metal baby!