View Full Version : India Tree natural decorating colors

Princess Cupcake
05-19-2013, 04:29 AM
I've been wondering whether natural food colorings existed for a while now, and it seems they do :) If you've been looking for an alternative to artificial food coloring, check out India Tree:


Ingredients: Blue: glycerin, vegetable juice, filtered deionized water; Red: beet juice, citric acid; Yellow: glycerin, turmeric, deionized water
Allergens: Contains no corn syrup or synthetic dyes

It does sound like there are many drawbacks to these; they're quite pricey, for one. They only come in the three primary colors; you'll have to mix them yourself. And according to the reviews, you need to use a lot in order to get anything stronger than a pastel shade. At least one reviewer complained that the blue was more of a swamp green, too. So you might want to stick to using your own homemade vegetable colorants :)